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Some of the services we offer:

•Removal of  all viruses, spyware, malware and  root-kits on  the computer 

•Repair any operating system issues (boot issues, blue screens, etc.) 
•Apply system tweaks and modifications 
•Test operating system for proper functionality 
•Hardware repair or upgrade 
•Data backup and restore 
•New operating System installation
•Install new software application 
•Install peripheral or external device 
•Configure your new computer to access your
existing Internet account.
•Configure Email account – webmail / exchange  
setting / MS Outlook. 
•DATA Recovery 
•Online computer training and support 
•Wireless networking , Wireless router setup , Acces 
Point Setup.  

•Printer/Scanner/fax setup (network and local)
•Server maintenance service 
Internet Security &  
Data Back Up

Here at 123 TECH PRO we have more than 18 years experience with variant computer operating systems. We specialize in computer repair, systems administration, hardware & software problem solving. We offer both on site and remote services. we offer professional service and fair prices.

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