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Smart Homes  

Congratulations! ​Bought a house, renovating or you just like to keep up with today's most advanced technologies....123 Tech Pro is your one stop tech solution team. We are experts at today's most innovative technologies, call us so we can discuss how technology can improve your lifestyle.

You probably hear everyone talking about smart homes and wondering what  is the buzz about...

Smart homes, home automation, electronic home, call it what you like! It's really all about making your life easier, increasing your home safety, saving money on utilities, and do gooding for the environment.


It has never been so easy to control your entire house from your cell phone, tablet or a desktop computer. All you need is a WiFi connection and a smartphone app.

A complete smart home includes the following:

Security  systems -A household indoor/outdoor security system 

Access Control - Central locking of all doors and windows

Lighting - Dimmers, light bulbs

Heating -  Programmable smart thermostats and water heaters, air conditioning, and ventilation 

Appliances - Such as dishwashers and dryers

Window blinds automation - Keep your house cool and lower your energy bill 

Garage door openers - Control and monitor your garage door from anywhere via WIFI

Irrigation systems- Save water and keep an eye on your yard from anywhere


Call our technical team for a free on premise quote - we are here to simplify your tech needs 516-874-2779

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